Recollections and Letters of General Robert E. Lee

 Recollections and Letters of General Robert E. Lee

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Dr. Buckler, whom my father had consulted in July, was at this timeon a visit to Baltimore, having lived abroad with his family since1866. When about to return to Paris he wrote and asked my father toaccompany him.

This invitation he was obliged to decline.

"Lexington, Virginia, August 5, 1870.

"My Dear Doctor: I have just received your letter of the 4th invitingme to accompany you across the Atlantic, and I return you my cordialthanks for your kind solicitation for my health and comfort. Thereis no one whom I would prefer to have as a companion on the voyage,nor is there one, I am sure, who would take better care of me. ButI cannot impose myself upon you. I have given you sufficient troublealready, and you must cure me on this side of the Atlantic. If youare the man I take you for, you will do so. You must present mywarmest thanks to your wife for her remembrance of me and her kindoffer of the hospitalities of her house. Should I ever be able tovisit Europe I shall certainly accept them, but I hope she will soonreturn to this country and that you will bring her up to the mountainsto us. We are all peaceable here now and she will find that we arenot as bad as we have been reported to be, and every one will extendto her a hearty welcome, whereas Europe is now convulsed with thehorrors of war or the agony of its expectancy, and I fear for a seasonis destined to feel the greatest calamity that can befall a people.I am pursuing your directions and hope that I am deriving benefitfrom them. I have made my arrangements to visit the Hot Springs,Virginia, on Monday next, as you recommended, and trust I may findrelief from them. My rheumatic pains continue, but have diminished,and that in my shoulder, I think, has lessened under the applicationof the blister. I shall endeavour to be well by the fall. The letteryou inclosed to me was from Mrs. Smith on the Hudson--and not fromMr. Henry White, as you supposed. Good-bye, my dear doctor; mayyou have a prosperous voyage and find your family all well on yourarrival, and may your own health be entirely restored. My familyunite with me in every kind wish, and I am most truly,

"Your friend,

"R. E. Lee.

"Dr. Thomas H. Buckler."


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