The French and the School: a damning poll

The French and the School: a damning poll

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The weekly Marianne and the monthly The story are joining forces for a special issue dedicated toSchool of the Republic. Job cuts and the reform of teacher training (known as “mastering”) are increasingly contested. The same goes for the programs, as shown by the controversy over history programs (with Dimitri Casali's post in Le Figaro), and even more so that on Première SVT textbooks, which mobilized four- twenty deputies who contest the introduction of gender theory in the teaching.

2 out of 3 French people no longer trust their school

The poll commissioned from IPSOS by the two newspapers is damning, and at all levels. Some figures: 64% of French people believe that school is functioning poorly, in particular on the guarantee of equal opportunities. The college is the most criticized, since 62% of the French do not trust it, unlike kindergarten (86% in its favor) and primary (66%). Regarding the teachings and objectives of the school: 49% of respondents say that learning the language is the main problem (only 26% for the insufficient number of teachers), and that there are three priorities , all over 90%: acquire basic knowledge (97%), learn to live with others (94%), prepare for professional life (93%). The problem is that they think that, for these three axes, the school is not up to the task (66% for learning, 57% for living together, 65% for entering professional life) .

The poll asks about other subjects related to school, such as secularism, as well as the image of teachers: 64% of French people would encourage their child to become a teacher, above all to pass on knowledge (62%).

The special issue integrates this survey into a history of the Ecole de la République, from Condorcet to Jules Ferry.

« The School of the Republic "(Marianne-L’Histoire), released on newsstands September 17 (6.90 euros).

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