The signatures of our ancestors

The signatures of our ancestors

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This number 3 of the Théma collection invites you to discover an essential element of the intimacy of our ancestors: signatures which they have traced with their hand on the ancient acts. If for us, drawing our signature is a familiar, ordinary gesture, a frequent act, repeated regularly during our existence, it was not always so. In the past, if we could, we affirmed our social affiliation or identity through the use of coats of arms, a seal, an emblem or a badge ...

It was at the end of a long gestation, over ten centuries, from the sixth to the sixteenth century, that the ordinance of Fontainebleau, in 1554, then the civil ordinance of April 1667, made the affixing of a autograph mark of the proper name first on notarial deeds, then on "minute" deeds of parish registers. Consequently, it is a new conception of the individual and of his identity that asserts itself: the recognition of a singular, unique, perfectly identifiable being.

Holding both writing and drawing, word and image, this hybrid mark, a true handwritten imprint of our ancestors, varies according to its size, shape, place, readability, substance (ink, blood ...), its support or its relationship to identity (it is thus possible to sign with a cross, a drawing, a first name and a last name, or one of the two, d 'a nickname, an honorary title, a land name, or even an indication of social or family rank ...).

For the genealogist, the discovery of a new signature is always an emotional moment! We then measure the effort or the fluidity, the hesitation or the ease, of the one who has left, beyond time, this singular trace of his presence in a given place and time. It is these handwritten marks, these small signs of the life of our ancestors that the author invites us to discover and study thanks in particular to a new signature evaluation grid.

The signatures of our ancestors, or the learning of a gesture. By Thierry Sabot. Thisa Editions, 2012.

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